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Statewide has a better selection of products than you’ll find anywhere else. But perhaps more importantly, we have traffic safety experts who can help you get exactly what you need. This expertise ensures you’ll fill all your needs with high-quality products, without spending too much money. And with 15 locations in 10 states, we’ll get you the products you need on time.

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  • Pavement Marking Supplies
    Pavement Marking Supplies
  • Crash Cushions, Barriers + Attenuators
    Crash Cushions, Barriers + Attenuators
  • Personal Protective Equipment
    Personal Protective Equipment
  • Temporary Signs, Stands + Accessories
    Temporary Signs, Stands + Accessories
  • Cones, Delineators, Channelizers + Drums
    Cones, Delineators, Channelizers + Drums
  • Traffic Control Equipment
    Traffic Control Equipment
  • Barricades + Lights
    Barricades + Lights
  • Signs - Standard, Custom, Hardware + Posts
    Signs — Standard, Custom, Hardware + Posts
  • Specialty Products
    Specialty Products

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For nearly thirty years, Statewide has been a leader in the traffic sign manufacturing and services industry. Servicing city, county and state contracts throughout the country, we have built our reputation by delivering the highest quality products with the best possible service. We produce a variety of traffic control signs, street signs, work zone signs, logos, decals, sign hardware, and materials. In addition, we have extensive custom signage abilities to meet your specifications.

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As a Certified Sign Fabricator, our sign division follows strict guidelines while manufacturing traffic, regulatory, construction, warning, and guide signs. Our quality control services will ensure that the value of your signs are current with the MUTCD, and properly serve their purpose of reducing the potential for accidents and injuries on the road.


Our 20,000 square foot automated manufacturing facility in Gardena, California has been built to offer our customers a streamlined and cost effective solution for any and all signage needs. From the largest of government agencies to the general public, we deliver quality products and personalized service. This tradition remains the foundation of our business.


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  • MUTCD Compliant Traffic Control Signage
    MUTCD Compliant Traffic Control Signage
  • Street Name Signs
    Street Name Signs
  • Custom Signs
    Custom Signs
  • Parking Signs
    Parking Signs
  • Emergency + Safety Signage
    Emergency + Safety Signage
  • Guide Signs
    Guide Signs
  • Hardware + Component Supply
    Hardware + Component Supply