Welcome to the New Statewide Safety Systems.

Don Nicholas, the CEO of California-based Traffic Solutions Corp, announced April 1st that its four affiliated companies, Statewide Traffic Safety & Signs, Safety Systems and Signs Hawaii, Maneri Sign Company, and Altus Traffic, are now officially operating as Statewide Safety Systems.

Nicholas said, “Each one of these four companies shares the same mission, to keep drivers, pedestrians, and workers safe in their local communities. That means being a resource our client partners can rely on for traffic safety planning, crews, equipment, and more.”

The organizational change was initiated after a comprehensive marketing study that resulted in a unique brand identity for the company: Statewide Safety Systems, one-stop shop for all the traffic planning and services, signage, equipment rentals, protective gear and everything needed for safely managing work zones.

“With these four companies serving as leaders in their respective markets, it really made more sense to us all natural that they can all work together under one unified brand name. This consistency in all our markets will support our continued growth,” adds Don.

Along with the new brand name and logo identity system, Statewide is rolling out a new website, work wear, signage, vehicle graphics, and more. Not only does this process communicate the company’s unique offerings to the market, but it also builds camaraderie among the work zone crews and traffic planning experts employed at 15 locations spread out over 10 states in the western US and Hawaii.

Nicholas says, “Our teams feel a strong sense of pride in their work. Day and night, they are making a real difference in keeping their local communities safe and helping them grow.”

Statewide management is confident this brand evolution is a positive step for the company’s future plans. “After 40 years of success and growth, uniting under the Statewide Safety Systems brand will communicate our unique offering to the markets we serve. We will continue to be the one-stop shop for the safety systems they need.”

Statewide Participates In National Work Zone Awareness Week

At Statewide, our number one goal is to keep drivers, pedestrians, workers, and our crews safe. We’re proud to be a part of National Work Zone Awareness Week (NWZAW), held April 20 – April 24th. Organized by the American Traffic Safety Services Association, NWZAW highlights the biggest risks in work zones, and shows how everyone plays a role in maintaining safety.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many NWZAW events were curtailed, postponed, or cancelled. However, states, municipalities, and participating organizations were encouraged to use social media to remind the public to drive carefully in and around work zones. These educational efforts help put an end to work zone tragedies and promote “Safe Work Zones For All.” 

8 tips to remember when approaching a work zone:

  1. Expect the unexpected, road conditions may change overnight
  2. Don’t speed or tailgate
  3. Obey road crew flaggers and pay attention to the signs
  4. Stay alert and minimize distractions
  5. Keep up with the traffic flow, don’t slow down and “gawk” at road work
  6. Know your route and traffic levels before you go
  7. Be patient and stay calm
  8. Wear your seatbelt for safety

More Information:

To learn more about National Work Zone Awareness Week, visit or email