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Welcome to Statewide Short Sales!

Due to recent economic hardships, many Washington homeowners have found themselves in the difficult situation of needing financial relief by selling their home for less than they owe.  This economic challenge has made it necessary for real estate, mortgage and legal professionals to provide competent assistance to property owners considering a short sale.  If you are facing foreclosure with property value less than the amount owed, a short sale may be the right choice for you.  At Statewide Short Sales, our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to help you through the process of selling your property through a short sale.

For a free, comprehensive consultation, please call us at 425-374-3947 or use our quick contact form to speak with a short sale advisor today!  There are no hidden costs and no up-front fees required no matter how many liens or judgments you are facing.  If your transaction does not close, there is no cost to you!

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